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Powerschool helps, harms student stress

Teen stress rivals that of adults during the school year, according to data collected from a 2014 Stress in America survey. “A lot of things stress me out, especially Powerschool,” Justin F. ‘18 said. While colleges look for the well-rounded individual as the ideal student, the importance of grades has not lessened in the college... Continue Reading →

Cesar Chavez Day withstands today’s political climate

Eight states close school and government offices on March 31 for the national holiday celebrating the former leader of the late National Farm Workers Association (now known as United Farm Workers of America, or UFW). Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s strategies of nonviolence and fasting, Chavez cofounded the UFW with Dolores Huerta to advocate for better pay... Continue Reading →

The evolution of social media

Since its inception, social media has enriched the lives of its users by allowing them to connect and share with others a couple clicks away. However, it also carries a potential to make life more complicated, with Twitter fights and direct messages gone awry. Here is a look at how social media has changed over... Continue Reading →

Health measured on a greater scale

Originally published in 2016 January issue of The Beacon magazine for Olentangy High School As the ball made its annual drop in Madison Square Garden, the nationwide quest for fitness began—but the resolution to be healthy often isn’t for the right reasons. “People who make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight don’t go about... Continue Reading →

Sister hikers get lost, then found

Originally published in 2015 September issue of The Beacon magazine for Olentangy High School 285, 505 acres. Three sisters. One hiking trip gone wrong. The Gros Ventre Wilderness Area in Moose, WY is most known for where the infamous Andrews-Sharer sisters went missing and since been found in the summer of 2015, but not before... Continue Reading →

New year, new pool, very cool (satire)

sat·ire     ˈsaˌtī(ə)r/     noun the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. Originally published in 2016 January issue of The Beacon magazine for Olentangy High School Lewis Center, OH—Swimmers spent their first practice of the... Continue Reading →

2015 Olentangy HS Fall Sports Review

Originally published in 2015 September issue of The Beacon Magazine for Olentangy High School Boys Golf: After players came up to par in OCC’s, the boys prepare to dominate in the Delaware County Cup. “This is a major rivalry event that goes back 25 years, and we have won this event more than any other... Continue Reading →

Voters OK Olentangy Levy

Originally published in the 2016 May issue of The Beacon magazine for Olentangy High School March 16, 2016—Local newspapers reported the successful passing of the Olentangy levy, determined by voters a day prior. “Passage of yesterday’s ballot issue allows us to continue the level of excellence that has become the standard in our community,” Superintendent Mark... Continue Reading →

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