Now accepting roommate applications (satire)

Accepted to college? Check. Cried over your scholarships, or lack thereof? Check. Joined the Facebook group? Check. Now all you need to score a roommate is an uber-detailed summary about yourself. But who has time for that?! Save some of your last precious moments of high school by screenshotting one of these Facebook autobiographies instead.... Continue Reading →

Juniors be warned: college apps are expensive

Everyone talks about getting into college, but no one mentions the fees involved. Aspiring college students spend hours filling out personal information, writing essays, collecting teacher recommendations and sending test scores to get into schools of their dreams—only to pay a fee just to send an application. In 2015, students on average spent $41 on... Continue Reading →

Feminism vs. equalism

This is a full version of my letter from the editor originally published and cut down due to spacing issues in the March 2017 issue of The Beacon. This is a response to a letter to the editor from a student who did not agree with our feminism in-depth spread. As a Beacon editor and... Continue Reading →

Attraction turns scientific

What is it about the glimmer in a pair of eyes across the room that makes you wish you knew the person behind them? Can we pin down the “je ne sais quoi,” or a special someone’s intangible beauty you can’t explain, that leaves one falling head over heels? Whether or not you already have... Continue Reading →

Get off the couch, see these movies

Working at a movie theater in the age of Netflix and Chill is like watching a car accident—I’m not a key player, but I’m a witness to how two forces spin themselves out of proportion. Then again, I work at a theater without reclining seats; the industry may not be as declining as I’m making... Continue Reading →

Powerschool helps, harms student stress

Teen stress rivals that of adults during the school year, according to data collected from a 2014 Stress in America survey. “A lot of things stress me out, especially Powerschool,” Justin F. ‘18 said. While colleges look for the well-rounded individual as the ideal student, the importance of grades has not lessened in the college... Continue Reading →

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