Movie Monday: The Big Sick vs. Baby Driver

My good friend Del wrote two movie reviews! Check out her thoughts on Baby Driver and The Big Sick here.

A girl and her wheels


Working at a movie theater, I get the common question from customers, “Oh, have you seen this movie yet? What did you think?” and its a logical assumption that Iwouldsee a lot of movies. I get in for free, I know what’s out, I get discounted concessions etc. But truth be told, once I finish my shifts at work, some days I want nothing more than to just get out of there. And most of the time, unless I’ve seen the trailer or a continuation for a series is released, my movie knowledge and the ones I decide to see or not see, comes from the customers as they leave their movie. That’s where these two titles come in to play.

I’d seen the trailer for Baby Drivera few times before it had entered my theater, and after my sister insisted I had to see…

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