Voters OK Olentangy Levy

Originally published in the 2016 May issue of The Beacon magazine for Olentangy High School

March 16, 2016—Local newspapers reported the successful passing of the Olentangy levy, determined by voters a day prior.

“Passage of yesterday’s ballot issue allows us to continue the level of excellence that has become the standard in our community,” Superintendent Mark Raiff said in a public thank you letter on the school website.

Keeping up with the standard means the district maintains AP classes, electives and extracurricular programs.

While building repairs, new technology and more teachers are also mentioned, these administrative decisions will alleviate student overcrowding in the district while construction is planned for a fourth high school on Berlin Station Road, another addition to the levy ballot.

“The design for the fourth high school will be similar to both Liberty and Orange high schools with some key updates and modifications,” Raiff said in an April 15 statement to the district community.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the building site is set for June 9 of this year. Raiff expects to finish redrawing attendance boundaries by March 2017. Similar to building openings in the past, a senior class will not exist in the first year of opening. Student rearrangement will affect those in sixth, seventh and eighth grades this year.

“No current high school students will change schools,” Raiff said.

Students already feel effects of overcrowding in school restrooms.

“Before [classes], after classes and during lunch are the worst to go,” Muskan A. ‘19 said.

Parking lot space is an additional concern for students.

“I changed my schedule second semester so I could get out early and avoid the after-school traffic,” Shayna Haberman ‘16 said.

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