Sriram fulfills 2016 valedictorian dream

As of now, the only Olentangy High School student to qualify as a Class of 2016 valedictorian is Adithya Sriram.

At a young age, Sriram was already learning at a pace to become valedictorian, taking AP Calculus AB his freshman year.

“Needless to say, I did study a lot. I made a point to make sure I was always as prepared as I could be for big tests, so I was never reluctant to put in the time. I also studied in groups which made it a lot easier. I never got a tutor, but I did seek out extra help from teachers anytime I needed it,” Sriram said via email.

After hearing about the valedictorian title as a freshman, Sriram sought advice from his guidance counselor, Michael Naveau.

“It takes a tremendous amount of work to achieve the marks to become valedictorian,” Guidance department head Michael Naveau said.

Sriram went on to take 15 APs total in four years. Somehow, he still has free time after his rigorous school schedule.

“I play Varsity tennis as a spring sport and play recreational tennis year-round. I play violin, I’m in chamber orchestra at school and in the Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra. I’m also involved in robotics and biophysics research down at The Ohio State University,” Sriram said.

While Sriram was the sole qualified valedictorian announced last semester, co-valedictorians could join Sriram by the end of the year. To become valedictorian, school policy states “a student must have attended OHS for their entire fifth through eighth semesters,” score all As and carry the highest GPA.

“It just so happened that at the end of the seventh semester, one student made the qualifications. However, it’s possible if more seniors meet them at the end of the eighth semester, we could have more valedictorians,” Naveau said.

For seniors with similar lofty goals, hope is not lost. School handbook policy on the topic refers to plural “valedictorians,” due to “the probability that the above criteria will result in more than one senior being recognized as valedictorian.”

Originally published in 2016 May issue of The Beacon magazine for Olentangy High School

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